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Privacy and Other Policies


The following guidelines were drawn up as a formal statement of policies in regard to privacy and other matters as they pertain to all 101 Answers websites.

The terms 101 Answers, 101 Answers sites, 'us', 'we' etc in this document should be taken to mean the registered owners of the 101 Answers suite of websites (as listed below under 101 Answers Websites), plus all mailing lists, forums, newsletters and so on associated with them and any staff employed by them to administer such sites. The only exceptions to these policies is when (or if) a contrary policy is promulgated on any one of the websites listed under 101 Answers Websites, in which case such policy shall over-ride these policies on that site only.

101 Answers Websites

The following list of websites are those that come under the general administrative umbrella of 101 Answers mentioned above as the 101 Answers suite of websites:


101 Answers recognizes every website visitor's right to privacy of information and the importance of protecting such privacy is a fundamental concern. Information collected by 101 Answers and its associated sites is therefore limited to viewing by authorized personnel only and every effort is made to keep it private and confidential. We will never sell, trade, or rent personal information, including e-mail addresses, under any circumstances whatsoever.

Website Visitors

From time to time we collect information about our visitors that enables us to determine traffic patterns as well as information in the form of statistical data (browser usage, originating ISP etc) that can help us achieve our marketing objectives or better serve our clientele. At no time will we use this information for any reasons other than these.

Website Members

On registration as a member, either paying or non-paying, of any of the 101 sites (i.e. of those that offer membership), the first name, last name and email address are recorded for contact reasons (to send out our newsletters, for example), for security reasons (to identify bona fide members) and for courtesy reasons. From time to time we may also gather other data such as gender, zip code, date of birth, etc but this will always be on a voluntary basis. We might use it to send birthday greetings, match a member with any special offers we have planned, inform them of any news (such as competitions for which they may be eligible) or anything similar that may be of interest to them.


The e-mail addresses of people who subscribe to one or more of our free newsletters or mailing lists are stored in a database offsite and/or in the database of a third-party mail distributor contracted for the purpose. These addresses are held solely for the distribution of such e-mails and are deemed by us to be strictly confidential. However, any mailing lists or newsletters that are distributed by the third party organizations mentioned, are beyond our jurisdiction and we therefore cannot bear any responsibility for them (though we try to ensure that they have similar standards to our own). The e-mail addresses of people who communicate with us directly are also stored in a database offsite but, in these cases, by corresponding directly with us by e-mail, such correspondents are implicitly giving us the right to communicate with them. Otherwise, the same undertakings apply.



By visiting any 101 Answers website, or subscribing to one of our newsletters or mailing lists, a person is deemed to be consenting to the collection of the information described above, and it's use as outlined. If we change our policies, or any part of them, we shall announce such change(s) in the What's New section of the Home Page at http://www.101answers.com/index.htm or on similar pages or blogs to which they might apply as well as in any newsletters or mailing lists we publish.

Spam and Other Antisocial Practices

Unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE) and other forms of spam, together with other practices that have come to be accepted as bad online etiquette, are not considered by us to be acceptable behavior. This includes 'flaming' (personal abuse and name-calling) and the gratuitous use of coarse language. Regarding spam, however, members and visitors should be aware that when they disclose personal identifying information in a public place (such as one of our forums) that data can be collected and used by others to send UBE. 101 Answers has no control over what members or visitors or any other third parties do and therefore, in the event that they behave in a way that meets with disapproval, cannot be held responsible for their actions. However, if you believe that any member or visitor is gathering and misusing personal information from one or more of our sites please email us at the following email address with Abuse in the Subject field. Please note that we use a protection code to hide the address from spam robots so you will be required to click on the '...' first and answer a question. We apologize for this but really, it only takes a moment.



We never knowingly collect personal identifying information from children under 13 years of age nor would we knowingly use such information without express parental consent. N.B. All site members and newsletter subscribers should be over 13.


The provision of links to sites outside the 101 Answers suite of sites does not imply tacit approval or any other form of recognition in terms of the value of such sites or the veracity of the information appearing on them. Neither does a link imply that a site complies with our own standards regarding privacy issues. Such sites, and other Internet services, each have their own privacy and content guidelines or restrictions and users should check them accordingly.

Linking Policy

The following of our sites all have link directories and accept link submissions, subject to certain criteria relating to relevance and quality. The links below will each take you directly to their home pages which are hyperlinked to the areas concerning link submissions and policies. We recommend that you visit those you are interested in to submit your request(s).

Other websites that come under the same ownership but that do not (as of writing) accept link submissions are:

Law Enforcement

It is our policy to fully co-operate with law enforcement agencies in identifying any people who might try to use our services for illegal activities. We also reserve the right to release personal identifying information about persons who we believe have used or are using our services unlawfully—even without a subpoena, warrant or court order.